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Recycling Facility

Northside Carting, Inc., in shared ownership with Thomson Brothers Industries, has recently opened a state-of-the-art transfer station in North Andover, MA ideally located just minutes off of three major interstate highways (Rt. 495, 95 and 93). Our facility is the most advanced Commercial Waste Processing and Construction and Demolition Recycling facility in North America. We offer a location for residents, homeowners, large or small contractors, etc. to utilize for their disposal needs. If you are a homeowner cleaning out your garage, a small contractor looking to find the most economical and user friendly outlet, or a large contractor looking to obtain the highest possible LEED rating, TBI is the answer to all.

How it works

Massive CBI machines, magnets and conveyers standing as tall as a four story building coupled with a picking station over 100 feet long will enable us to easily POSITIVE PICK and extract recyclable materials directly out of the waste stream. This will drastically reduce the waste normally destined to be landfill or incinerated. The byproduct coming out of our facility is referred to as PPM or Post Processed Material. PPM is material that has no recycling capability and/or value at the present time. We took into consideration that technologies in recycling are forever evolving. New Markets for materials once thought to have little or no value may soon open. We have made sure that our North Andover C&D Recycling Facility will always have the ability to capture such items when the time arrives.


200 Holt Road

North Andover, MA 01845

Tel: 978-686-8604

Fax: 978-686-3086

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Mon-Fri: 5:00AM – 5:00PM

Sat: 7:00AM – 12:00PM

Sun: Closed

Green Service Guarantee

Proudly providing a GREEN SERVICE GUARENTEE in which all materials are processed in a manner that complies with the DEP waste bans of 7/1/06 and meets with all LEED requirements.

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