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Compactor Sales and Rental

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We offer compactors for mixed solid waste, food waste, paper and cardboard. The benefits of a compactor are; self contained compactors are just that, self contained. They are perfect for use at restaurants because any odor problem is diminished greatly, if not eliminated completely. Breakaway compactors are also just that, the box breaks away from the compactor and another box is placed back on the compactor at that time. The only disadvantage of a self contained compactor is that it is hauled “round trip.”

Self contained compactors come in numerous sizes 17 yd, 20 yd and 35 yd just to name a few. Breakaway compactor boxes are usually 40 yd or 42 yd but can also come in other sizes. Compactors compact at a ratio of 3-1 so you could fit about 51 yards of waste into a 17 yd compactor.

Compactors can be rented or purchased directly by the customer through Northside Carting or directly from the manufacturer.

Green Service Guarantee

Proudly providing a GREEN SERVICE GUARENTEE in which all materials are processed in a manner that complies with the DEP waste bans of 7/1/06 and meets with all LEED requirements.

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